In the Shadows

No, Seriously! Thousands and Thousands of Unicorns!


alert all Unicorn collectors!!!! We'd love to sell it as one bulk collection to an avid collector, someone who would love it as much as Mom, but the Auction at The Commons on Dad's birthday (80th) was too excellent an opportunity to pass on!!!! Our folks would have thought this was a great idea for all reasons: supporting the community, supporting the neighborhood, supporting LOCAL business, and the house gets cleaned up a bit. I hope there's a collector out there who will be soooo happy! see you there. Flo Barrett
Unicorns ARE magical! I heart Flo and Rusty.
I am a performer who is seriously interested in the life sized reclining unicorn to use as a prop!! Lady Floris, is there any chance I could get a sneak peak at it? I will be gone on Saturday, and would love to know if it is worth having someone go to the auction to bid on my behalf......
please let me know!