A Random Thing

Early in the morning on New Year's Day, 23-year-old Jermaine Davis was shot in the chest at SW 4th and Stark.

The next day, commenters on Jack Bogdanski's blog, bojack.org, weighed in on the homicide, concluding that Davis—who was African American, and had one prior drug conviction—"had it coming." Bogdanski himself wrote: "Same old story—a young man, African American, shot on the street, no doubt as 'the club' he was partying in closed up for the night." Bogdanski questioned whether the murder was "a gang thing? An education thing? A liquor control thing? A handgun thing?"

But it turns out, Davis' murder was apparently a random thing. The cops said Monday, January 8 that it's highly unlikely Davis—a father of twins who worked at PDX Airport—had ever met the people who shot him, until they pulled over at a red light, called out to him from their four-door sedan, and shot him. Police are looking for a thin, pale, white man, aged between 20 and 25, with dark brown spiked hair and a moustache, and are offering $1,000 for information resulting in his arrest. The number is 823-HELP. AMY JENNIGES & MATT DAVIS

A Tax Thing

Two years after getting shot down on a city-wide cell phone tax, City Commissioner Randy Leonard is making noise about resuscitating it in the wake of City Commissioner Sam Adams' plan to reform the Business License Fee (BLF).

Adams' BLF reform will cut city taxes for small businesses, but will also take millions of dollars out of the city's general fund. Leonard has stated that he's adamantly opposed to the reform unless there's a plan to make up for the lost revenue.

Enter his cell phone tax, which will charge every cell phone user in the city a five percent fee. SCOTT MOORE