Matt Davis


The controversial dragon sculpture at the corner of NW 3rd and Davis was removed last weekend, February 10, without ceremony or forewarning by the Regional Arts and Culture Council. Artist Brian Goldblooom had asked RACC to take it down following outspoken resentment of the work by Portland's Chinese community, which found the dragon's portrayal insulting ("Collared and Caged," News, January 11). RACC has declined further comment on the sculpture's removal. MATT DAVIS


For years, cities and counties have been unable to pass bans on smoking in bars—they're preempted by state law, thanks to lobbyists like the Oregon Restaurant Association. But now that the state legislature is controlled by Democrats, a statewide ban may actually pass. The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering a package of bills that would expand workplace smoking bans to all bars and restaurants in Oregon. One of them, Senate Bill 354, even bans smoking within 10 feet of all doors, windows, and vents, similar to a 25-foot ban enacted in Washington in 2004, which critics say has led to streets being littered with cigarette butts. SCOTT MOORE


This Thursday, February 15, Jacque Authier is organizing a “Traffic Safety Demonstration” at the corner of SE 26th and Stark—the site of cyclist Nick Bucher’s fatal collision with a motorist on February 2. The motorist was allegedly speeding, and was cited for fourth-degree assault.

Authier’s demonstration aims to educate drivers about the importance of obeying traffic laws, and to bring drivers face to face with the cyclists with whom they share the streets.

“We want to ask them ourselves to please slow down on our streets,” Authier says. “We understand that bicyclists need to be careful and obey the laws as well, but we all know that motorists speeding is a big cause of accidents.”

Authier plans for this demonstration to be the kickoff to a monthly event, with the next one scheduled for the third Thursday of March at the corner of SE 40th and Belmont, another fatal car-bike collision site (there’s a “ghost bike” there, commemorating the crash, and another one at SE 26th and Stark). Updates can be found posted on’s calendar. ERIN LACOUR