On Saturday afternoon, February 17, over 100 neighbors from the South Madison and Roseway neighborhoods in Northeast Portland converged on 82nd at NE Siskiyou—at a property that developers would like the city to rezone to make way for a 240,000-square-foot development with 900 parking spaces.

Neighbors are opposed to such a large development, with some fearing that something like Wal-Mart—not to mention tons of traffic—is on the way. Instead, the neighbors—who donned cardboard boxes pasted with signs that read "Think Outside the Big Box," and protested on Saturday—would rather see "a lynchpin development that truly works for this neighborhood," according to neighborhood activist Dawn Tryon. AMY JENNIGES


According to a press release issued Monday, February 19, Gregg Schumacher is closing his downtown fur shop for good, blaming a "targeted intimidation campaign" against mall managers by "violent eco-terrorists" for landlords' refusal to rent him a new space. Schumacher's current landlord, TMT Development, briefly initiated a formal eviction against the furrier last December—which it later withdrew—following Schumacher's repeated incitement of the protestors gathering outside his shop on a weekly basis.

Matt Rossell from In Defense of Animals, who coordinated the protests, says he'll consult a libel attorney over the press release. "There is nothing more inflammatory in this day and age than to be called a terrorist," he says. MATT DAVIS


Once a busy neighborhood retail spot, the intersection of NE 30th and Ainsworth—in the Concordia neighborhood—is currently home to a handful of vacant shops. On January 2, the Concordia Neighborhood Association (CNA) met with business owners from each of the intersection's four corners to talk about redevelopment.

The CNA is pushing owners to get new businesses in and to update existing ones, like a church and a convenience store.

"It's a depressed area, and the buildings will just continue to deteriorate if they're not used," says CNA Land-Use Co-Chair George Bruender. "The owners didn't have a vision, so we're trying to help. There's talk of a restaurant coming in, and maybe a bookstore or small bank that could partner with Concordia University to give its students work experience." ERIN LACOUR