Zero Served

When Tace Chalfa, who owns Red Light, found out that McDonald's was planning to move their golden arches onto Hawthorne Blvd, she decided to do whatever she could to protect her quaint neighborhood of small businesses from Brontosaurus-sized corporations. "Over my dead body," said Chalfa.

Over the past several weeks, McDonald's has entered into a pre-application process of signing leases and acquiring building permits to set up shop on Hawthorne. Chalfa points out that only one week earlier, Subway opened a storefront along Hawthorne.

In response to what they see as the beginning of the end, Chalfa and the Hawthorne Marketing Association (HMA), a collection of other small-business owners in the area, are lobbying City Hall to put the kibosh on McDonald's plans.

Chalfa moved from Seattle several years ago. At that time, the University District near the University of Washington was a funky enclave of record stores, used clothing shops, and coffeehouses. "I watched [the neighborhood] nose-dive when McDonald's and other major corporations moved in," said Chalfa.

On Tuesday, Chalfa and the HMA met with Councilman Francesconi about derailing the permit process for the food giant. PHIL BUSSE

Gubernatorial Grass

Henry David Thoreau. Ghandi. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Now we can add Bill Conde to the list of activists who found political aspirations while cooling their heels in jail. After being busted, sentenced, and jailed for abetting the delivery of marijuana, Conde was released from Linn County Jail last week. Stepping back into freedom, Conde immediately announced his intention to run for Oregon governor.

A marijuana reform activist, Conde sponsored the 1999 Hemp Festival on property near his lumber mill. With a free flow of pot at that year's festival, Conde was held responsible for felony charges of marijuana sales and use. In spite of his conviction, Conde still plans to host this year's Hemp Festival on his property (exit 209 off I-5, 15 mi. north of Eugene) July 20 through 22. To qualify for the 2002 Gubernatorial race, Conde will need to gather 1000 signatures during a 24-hour period. PHIL BUSSE