Jack Pollock

Hare Apparent

Known for ribald characters like Harvey "Hardcock" and over-the-top satire of professional wrestling, Portland Organic Wrestlers took to the ring Thursday night to do everything possible to distance themselves from a former performer and his own hijinks.

Three weeks ago, Darcy "The Heathen" Olson was arrested after photo lab employees saw photos of Olson decapitating a rabbit and alerted authorities. Olson has been indicted for torturing and maliciously killing a bunny--a class C felony.

In spite of Olson's association with POW, the organization wanted to separate his crime from any of their own stunts. Ringmaster Vinnie Cleanhands said that Olson's last show was in December of 2001, shortly after he announced plans to kill an animal onstage.

"I told him I wouldn't allow him to do it, and he reluctantly complied," Cleanhands said. "He was fired a week after the show."

Part of Thursday's show was dedicated to the controversy when one wrestler portrayed Olson and received a severe thrashing from another dressed in a six-foot rabbit suit. DAVID KROUGH


The battle for a union at a local messenger service only involves 40 workers and a couple bosses, but the friction it has generated rivals that of any large-scale labor dispute.

For nearly two years, bike messengers at Transerv--a company that delivers court summons--have been trying to ratify their labor union. Already they have a union in connection with the local chapter of IWW, but they want recognition from the National Labor Relations Board--a move intended to provide stronger backing by federal fair labor laws.

But two weeks ago, by a 14-22 vote, the bikers lost their vote for union ratification--a loss they claim was conditioned by managers purposefully hiring anti-union employees and firing union organizers. In spite of the defeat, one messenger, Pete Beaman, promises that they will continue to work for better working conditions and pay. "We still have a right to collective action," Beaman says.

Currently, two outstanding complaints against Transerv are pending with the NLRB--one for harassment, another for discriminatory hiring practices. PHIL BUSSE