According to an indictment handed down last Wednesday, Quan Tu, a local Vietnamese man, was running an international prostitution ring through his Southeast apartment. Tu is among eight defendants that the FBI accused of luring young women from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos to Portland, and coercing them into prostitution.

On Tuesday, the FBI arrested Tu. For the past two years, they have been monitoring phone calls and activity through his residences. According to court documents detailing wire taps, Lu had complained about the "inferior quality of prostitutes" here in Portland. PHIL BUSSE


When 16 candidates line up for a single opening on City Council, it indicates a certain widespread discontentment with the current administration. And, if their actions didn't say that message loudly enough, in their stump speeches many of the candidates directly called for a change, and some new blood, in City Hall.

Yet, in spite of this sentiment, the two candidates to emerge from last Tuesday's primary were long-time politicians, the best-known names, and the safest bets. A state representative for the past nine years, Randy Leonard grabbed 26 percent of the vote. With 21 percent of the vote, Serena Cruz came in second. Most recently, Cruz held a seat as a county commissioner. Before that, she was an aide for current City Commissioner Erik Sten.

Even so, Nick Fish, a newcomer to politics, managed to take a close third, only three percent behind Cruz. Although unwilling to pledge any future political goals, Fish did explain he was heartened by his campaign. In the next few years, he pointed out, there will be several openings for local politics, including the mayor's office and two more seats on city council. With so many first-time campaigners, Fish believes that this primary was a display for many of the city's up-and-coming politicians.

"The only thing that held those candidates back were resources," said Fish, referring to the fact that newcomer candidates had more difficulty raising funds and spreading campaign materials around town. Cruz and Leonard each spent a reported $250,000 on their campaigns. A final election will be held on November 5. PHIL BUSSE