Did barbara breastfeed?There were more boobs and babes than Pioneer Square had seen in a long time last Saturday morning as 100 Portland women huddled beneath canopies and began breastfeeding for peace. The "nurse-in" was the latest in a local trend of sexy war protesting that includes staging "Lysistrata," the Greek drama in which women boycott booty until men call off the war, and an upcoming mass nude protest (Sunday, March 16, 2 pm; contact 975-3275 to participate).

The event also launched the Milk of Human Kindness Project, a Portland organization dedicated to world peace through, well, breastfeeding. "Peaceful cultures breastfeed their babies for a long time," insisted Emily Troper, the project's organizer and a professional lactation consultant.

Troper points to research conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development that links a culture's breastfeeding and nurturing practices to its level of violence and general intelligence. Breast milk contains amino acids essential for brain development that aren't found in formula. According to the NICHHD, babies who don't get enough of those exclusive amino acids are more susceptible as adults to substance abuse, depression, and suicide/homicide. ANNA SIMON

FIGHTING FOR PEACE In Michigan, a high school student was suspended after wearing a T-shirt showing Bush's face with the exclamation, "Terrorist!" underneath it. In Upstate New York, a lawyer was arrested and slapped with trespassing after he put on a T-shirt that declared, "Give peace a chance." He had purchased the T-shirt at the very mall where he was arrested.

And, last week at the University of Portland, a campus security guard roughed up anti-war activists. Last Wednesday, as 200 other universities joined in a nationwide anti-war demonstration, ten students gathered outside the University of Portland dormitories. Banging trash lids and carrying signs, the students hoped to bring an anti-war message to the conservative student body on the campus. Some 150 University of Portland students are on ROTC scholarships and members of the armed services.

Allegedly, the unnamed security guard grabbed one of the protesting students from behind and pushed her to the ground. The guard apparently also hit another protester in the chest. The university has suspended the security guard. IAN THOMAS