STILL CAMPINGFor all intents and purposes, the war in Iraq is over. It was official last week when President Bush unfurled a banner from the USS Lincoln declaring victory. But it had also been confirmed weeks earlier in Portland when the massive anti-war protests had all but subsided. Gone are the marches that attracted 30,000, and gone are the virulent sit-ins that shut down the city's bridges.

Still remaining, however, is Portland Peaceful Encampment, a group of 20 or so stubborn protesters camped out across the street from City Hall. They have been there nearly two solid months, a subdued but constant reminder that many residents opposed both the war in Iraq and the Bush administration's bullheaded approach towards diplomacy.

But over the past few weeks police officers have routinely arrived unannounced, confiscating sleeping bags, stoves, and chairs from the protesters. According to members of PPE, last Saturday evening the police even took away a folding chair from a disabled man: Three officers allegedly lifted him up and swiped the chair out from underneath him. He was later transported to St. Vincent's emergency room for back pain.

Now more than ever, as attention wanders away from anti-war protests, the activists at Portland Peace Encampment need your support. Drop off a hot meal or an extra folding chair. They are there 24/7. PB

HOW TO VOTE (General Election, Tues May 20!)Measure 26-48: During the November election, a cash-strapped state tried to raise funds to prevent school/jail/hospital closings with Measure 28, a self-imposed income tax increase. However, along with the rest of the state, the money-grubbing suburbanites in Gresham overwhelmingly voted "no." Meanwhile, more than 70 percent of voters inside the core of Portland voted for income tax increases. Measure 26-48 is a similar measure; this time limited to Multnomah County. Again, we must vote against Gresham. Pay now, or pay later when bored teenagers vandalize your home/car/person. (If Measure 26-48 fails, school will be forced to cut after-school programs). VOTE! Vote yes!

School Board:

Zone 1, Terry Olsen

Zone 2, Martin Gonzales

Zone 3, John Ball

Zone 7, Dilafruz Williams