NO RATFINKS HEREIn an effort to smoke anonymous protesters out of their caves, the police department is dangling a money reward for anyone who will identify suspects still wanted for anti-war protests. Some of those activists who made the wanted list were John and Jane Does who were arrested, but refused to provide identification--an offense that was heaped onto their original violations. In addition, the police are particularly interested in two suspects who "attacked" officers.

"We're looking for the dude who jumped on the [squad] car and the dude who hit an officer with a bat on the Steel Bridge," explained Sgt. Brian Schmautz, the police's information officer.

But so far, in what may be interpreted as an endearing sign of solidarity, no one has ratted out their fellow protesters. PB

HELLO, HEGEMONY! As expected, in a 3-2 vote, the FCC has moved to roll back media merger regulations. A press release issued by Michael J. Copps, one of the two dissenting commissioners, states, "a national television network may now acquire dozens of local broadcaster stations and control up to 90 percent of the national television market." In addition, "a single corporation may now acquire, in one city, up to three television stations, eight radio stations, the cable TV system, numerous cable TV stations, and the only daily newspaper."

Copps noted, "Step by step, rule by rule, bit by bit, we have allowed the dismantling of public interest protections and given a green light to the forces of consolidation. Now a handful of giant conglomerates are in the saddle." He went on to advise his peers that based on its experiences with media consolidation after the TeleCom Act, they should all be "terrified." JULIANNE SHEPHERD

HEY ACTIVISTS!Wanna spend the summer chained to a tree? Worried that Mother Nature is getting the shit knocked out of her?

Calling themselves Cascadia Summer 2003, a broad reaching coalition has bonded together to halt--or at least slow--what could be a record cut of forests in the Northwest. The group encompasses everyone from the rabid Earth Firsters! to more sedate environmental lawyers. For more info about the group, go to For more info about a direct-action training this weekend, email