Jack Pollock
PROTESTERS AHOY!In years past, Fleet Week has been a blissful affair between the Navy and the city of Portland; however, this year that relationship showed signs of cracking. First, worried about safety, the Adopt-A-Sailor program which allowed civilians to escort a sailor around town, was canceled. Then, on Saturday, a small cadre of activists arrived at the Waterfront to protest the Navy's presence.

In the week leading up the event, the Veterans for Peace and the War Resisters League sent out a "call to disarm." That announcement instructed like-minded activists to gather at the Salmon Street fountain at noon, with plans to occupy the Morrison St. Bridge and unfurl banners labeling the warships "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

Just past noon and slightly outnumbered by the police, approximately 15 protesters began to march towards the bridge. However, citing "past trouble," the police turned the small group back.

"They're infringing on our right to protest," said one frustrated attendee.

Later that day, two protesters successfully hung a four-foot tall banner from the bridge. They were quickly arrested. LANCE CHESS

DANZINE'S LAST DANCEAfter eight years as the point person for information about legal rights and health concerns for strippers and streetwalkers, Teresa Dulce is shutting down her operation. A low-tech publication, Danzine was chock-full of articles from underwear recommendations to safe ride information. In addition, Danzine oversaw programs to help both dancers and prostitutes with health and safety concerns, like a mobile team that ran a needle exchange program. But, citing financial shortfalls, Danzine closed down this past week.

"We can afford missiles, but not band-aids," Dulce points out in her husky voice. "It's just a bummer."

Dulce has vowed that her advocacy will continue, but she is shifting her focus from the street to policy, with hopes to pursue projects such as lobbying city council members and state legislatures. Over the past year, regulations against stripping have noticeably tightened.

"I'm not going to let them dancer-bash," exclaims Dulce. "There's not a man who hasn't jacked off to porn," she adds, pointing out what she sees as hypocrisy of lawmakers. PHIL BUSSE Danzine's "Last Fiesta," Saturday, Seven Stars, 205 NW 4th, 9 pm