Jack Pollock
ALL WET! Is the tide finally turning for Mt. Tabor residents hoping to keep caps off their reservoirs? The decision two years ago to protect the reservoirs from envisioned terrorist attacks enraged nearby residents who felt as if they were never consulted. Moreover, they say, the $60 million price tag is far too high.

Opponents to the plan were particularly upset three weeks ago when city council approved a $6 million contract for Montgomery Watson to draft an engineering plan--the very same consulting company that conducted the study indicating that the reservoirs were at risk of terrorist attacks--a point countered by most experts.

But, just when it seemed like the plan was a done deal, a former proponent has hopped ship and is advocating that city council halt their momentum. The former chairman for Portland Utility Review Board, Jim Abrahamson, recently lobbied City Commissioner Dan Saltzman to reconsider. In a letter, Abrahamson stated the project is "leading ratepayers into a potential quagmire of animosity [and] increased cost."

To express their opposition, last January 800 residents joined hands and surrounded the reservoirs. A similar protest is planned for this Saturday at Mt. Tabor Park, 1 pm. PHIL BUSSE

STICKUP AT CLINTON STREET! On Thursday night at the Clinton Street Theater, Elizabeth Rozier and projectionist Anne Marie DiStefano had just started rolling a movie when they were robbed at gunpoint. Estimating the man was in his mid-to late-twenties, Rozier says he was wearing a beard and curly mustache fashioned out of construction paper. "He looked like your typical Clinton Street customerÉ albeit one with very low ambitions," she said. The robber first asked her if it was too late to buy a ticket, and when Rozier said he could, he admitted he didn't have any money. He then said he needed the money, and lifted his shirt to reveal a gun tucked in his pants. Rozier remembers arguing over who needed the money more, even as he pointed the gun at her and began grabbing money out of the till. She managed to get most of it back, and he ended up making off with only about $50. "It was so ridiculous," said Rozier. "Well, that'll keep him drunk for a little while." The robber is still at large. MARJORIE SKINNER