Jack Pollock


Gregg Schumacher and his wife, Linda, have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Portland and various animal rights groups over last year's prolonged demonstrations outside the store, which they alleged forced them out of business (Schumacher Fur is slated to close on May 31).

The suit—seeking undisclosed damages—accuses the police of failing to take appropriate action to protect the store, and city officials of undermining the Schumachers' ability to do business.

The lawsuit also targets Portland animal rights group In Defense of Animals—whose chief organizer, Matt Rossell, did not return the Mercury's calls—and alleges protesters tossed feces at the shop. MATT DAVIS


A man beaten unconscious in May 2005 by three security guards at the Greek Cusina on SW Washington is suing the club's owners, Ted Papas and John Papatheodorou, for $600,000 plus medical expenses, alleging they are partially responsible for his beating because they hired a three-time convicted felon as their head of security.

The plaintiff, Kurt Kreutzer, was beaten unconscious by security boss Sean McCorkle on May 3, 2005. McCorkle already had three felony convictions at the time. "In placing such a vicious and violent person with a known history of antisocial behavior in a position of authority the defendants... put patrons and the general public in danger of serious bodily harm," the suit alleges.

Papas—the club's owner—is reportedly in Las Vegas and could not be reached for comment. MD


Despite a $37 million surplus to the city's general fund, more than one bicycling program has been slashed from the mayor's recently revealed budget proposal.

Completely de-funded is the Platinum Bike Master Plan, an ongoing program designed to keep Portland bike friendly through the coming years. It was fully funded last year, but this year, all $100,000 requested for it by the Portland Department of Transportation (PDOT) has been denied.

The news gets worse: Of $300,000 requested by PDOT specifically for bicycle safety, only $150,000 has been approved. Likewise, of $300,000 requested for pedestrian safety improvements, PDOT will only get half. SCOTT MOORE