Last summer, Lindsey Llaneza was driving 70 mph along SE Belmont, drunk, when he plowed through three bicyclists. On Monday morning, Llaneza plead guilty to two counts of manslaughter.

The accident was particularly painful because Llaneza was a repeat offender. Earlier that year, police had arrested him for another DUII. His driver's license had been suspended since 1986. At the time, a spokesperson from the District Attorney told the Mercury that it is virtually impossible to convict a drunk driver for a first-time offense. Llaneza will serve 20 years in prison.


Two months ago, a group calling itself Rose City Copwatch held a contest: They offered a bag of groceries to the first person to provide a photo of police officer Scott McCollister. Last May, McCollister shot Kendra James, a 21-year-old black woman, during a routine traffic stop. The police had refused to release any photos of the officer.

Criticized by the mayor for endangering the safety of the officers, the group did finally acquire a photo of the officer. Over Easter weekend, they distributed 1,000 posters displaying photos of both McCollister and Jason Sery, the officer responsible for the recent shooting death of James Jahar Perez, around north and northeast Portland. Two activists were arrested for postering, but were released before 11:30 pm Sunday. PHIL BUSSE