Jack Pollock
A LEGAL TANGO Last week, the legal wrangling over same-sex marriages continued when the state scored a minor victory. Currently, the lawsuit concerning same-sex marriage licenses is moving towards a showdown at the state Supreme Court.

One month ago a circuit court judge halted the county from issuing further licenses to same-sex couples until the Supreme Court or legislature could determine whether the state should pursue civil unions or full-fledged marriages. But in what was considered a victory for same-sex marriage proponents, the judge also ordered the state to accept those marriage licenses already issued.

Last week, at the request of the state, that order was suspended. The state of Oregon is a defendant in the case and has argued they should not register licenses until it is clear how same-sex marriages will be dealt with. The ruling was the first movement since the case reached the Court of Appeals a month ago.

Roey Thorpe, executive director for Basic Rights Oregon, said that proponents should not consider the ruling a setback.

"It is just a procedural thing," she explained. "It just buys [the state] time to put together their argument." Plaintiffs now have two weeks to request that the order be overturned. PB

the arrow diet The fate of fugitive activist Tre Arrow is quickly moving towards a conclusion. Two months ago, Arrow was arrested in Vancouver, B.C. for shoplifting bolt cutters. Last week, a Canadian immigration panel worked through evidence and testimony to determine whether the notorious environmental activist should be granted refugee status.

Arrow gained local notoriety four years ago when he scaled the US Forest Service Building downtown and held an 11 day protest against logging practices. Two years after his stunt--and following a failed bid for congress--Arrow was fingered as the culprit for two arsons. One involved blowing up two Ross Island gravel trucks; the other was aimed at logging trucks on Mt. Hood. Arrow faces 80 years in prison.

During his imprisonment in Canada, Arrow has refused to eat anything but raw vegan food. He has dropped from 150 pounds to a gaunt 104. PB