Jack Pollock

Profiled as potential terrorists and harassed by the cops, the Zoobombers have had a few scrapes with the law. But on Saturday, the bicycle-riding Zoobombers (who love "bombing" down the steep hill near the zoo) were heralded as crime stoppers when they foiled a mugging.

As part of the Pedalpalooza, a handful of Zoobombers were descending Burnside when they heard an old lady screaming. "We were cresting the hill," explained Dave Terry, one of the bikers at the lead of the pack. "And I saw this guy running. Now, in this town, you're either running for the bus or something's happened," Terry explained. "But this guy is carrying a purse."

Without saying a word, the Zoobombers simultaneously tossed down their bikes and began a foot chase. Even more alarming for the perpetrator, the cyclists were dressed in head-to-toe costumes; one was a six-foot-tall, very realistic looking salmon. Fanning out, the Zoobombers flanked the would-be burglar. "I'd never seen teamwork like that," Terry reported.

Cornered by eight large men dressed in colorful costumes, the thief finally just sat down. "We didn't even have to lay a hand on him," Terry said. "He just had this scared look."

Eventually, the police arrived and arrested the man, and the elderly lady profusely thanked her heroes. But will the new crime-fighting team be embraced by local police? According to Terry, "We did a great thing, but I'm not sure people will start kissing our ass just yet." PB


Last June, the FCC voted 3-2 to roll back restrictions and allows companies like Entercom to buy up all the media--print, radio, TV--in one market. While it's not a secret, not much has been said because the vast majority of media is currently owned by a handful of companies who support the changes.

But the two dissenting FCC commissioners have now embarked on a national tour of town hall discussions. Although not an official FCC public hearing, it is an opportunity for local citizens to present their opinions. If nothing else, it's probably the only time you'll ever see representatives from KBOO and Clear Channel in the same room. Thursday, June 24, Convention Center, 777 NE MLK Blvd, 5:30 - 9:30 pm. CLAIRE EVANS