WHO'S THE FRAUD NOW? They failed twice this summer to qualify for November's ballot, and ever since, the Nader campaign has been crybabying. In their final attempt to reach the ballot, the campaign has spent the past six weeks gathering signatures. But still they claim the Democrats have been threatening supporters and have bellyached that the Multnomah County election division bungled signature sheets. But on Saturday, they announced they had collected enough signatures to qualify.

But wait just one fraudulent minute, said one of the state's largest unions, SEIU. They found that nearly two out of three signatures for Nader--the former consumer fraud guru--were sour. Of 534 examined, 117 were from deceased or moved persons; 162 addresses didn't exist; and 66 people claimed they hadn't signed the petition, even though their name appeared on it. PB

WHO'S "THE MAN" NOW? Craig Rosebraugh, former press officer of Earth Liberation Front (ELF), has been spreading the good word of veganism for years. Last year, this love of animals inspired Rosebraugh to start up Calendula, a vegan restaurant. But, say employees, Rosebraugh may have forgotten about human dignity and workers' rights in the process.

Last month, four employees went on strike, making demands for healthcare and a safe work environment. They claim that they encountered pay cuts, rolled-back benefits, and blatant mistreatment.

"I thought working here would be cushy and progressive, but attempts to make amends have been met with discipline or blatant disregard," said striking employee Andrew Ox.

Strikers claim Rosebraugh's irresponsible behavior includes firing workers in public situations, cutting meal perks without warning, and terminating employees on strike (which is illegal under the National Labor Relations Act). When employees presented the boss with their grievances, said Ox, "he responded by calling the police and said we were trespassing."

Strikers have teamed up with local union organizers IWW and are asking support from other employees, customers, and supporters of Calendula. For Rosebraugh's response, see the ad on page 12. JENNA ROADMAN