Jack Pollock
NOT FOR SALE During his swearing-in ceremony, City Commissioner Sam Adams pledged to introduce an ordinance that would require all paid lobbyists to register with the city. Several council meetings later, it appears he is finally moving ahead with his plans.

Last week, Adams fired off copies of his draft proposal to colleagues, asking for input by the end of the month. The draft calls for all paid lobbyists to register once a year with the city auditor and to file quarterly reports that include the name of their employer, the amount of money spent influencing city politicians, the name of the politician, and the issue the lobbyist is attempting to influence.

Throughout his campaign, Adams made a case for the plan by playing up the need for more transparency and citizen access to City Hall. However, some city leaders, including Commissioner Randy Leonard, have called the plan unnecessary, playing down the extent of the influence paid lobbyists have on city functions. But with all lobbying a matter of public record, citizens will no longer have to take Leonard's word for it. SCOTT MOORE

INAUGURATION BLUES Thursday is the starting line for another four years of Bush, Cheney, war, lies, and disappointment. What'cha gonna do? Turn tail and run to Canada? Stay home and mope? How about standing up and fighting?

Portland plans to celebrate President Bush's inauguration a little bit differently--all day Thursday, there are marches, protests, and demonstrations.

The Peace and Justice Works is hosting an all-day vigil at Terry Schrunk Plaza (SW 3rd & Madison, 8 am-6:30 pm). Code Pink is throwing a Tin Foil Hat Inaugural Parade, starting at MLK Convention Center, 2:30 pm. And the big anti-Bush march starts at the North Park Blocks (Broadway at W Burnside, 4 pm). The protest will travel past the FBI regional headquarters en route to the park sandwiched between the federal building and City Hall.

And last but not least, the Mercury is hosting a raucous Inaugurate This! party with skits from Live Wire and the Right Wing Extreme Comic, as well as an uplifting message from City Commissioner Sam Adams. Even President Bush has videotaped a special message for the liberals in Orygun! (Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 8 pm, free) PHIL BUSSE