Market Shift

Last weekend, vendors and patrons of the Portland Saturday Market stopped by a tent in the food court to cast a vote: If the iconic market has to move to make way for a slick new "Market District," complete with condos and a year-round public market with produce stands and food shops—a city proposal that has plenty of market vendors and supporters up in arms—where should the quirky weekend crafts bazaar go?

The Portland Development Commission (PDC) recently came up with a list of seven possible "permanent" homes, including the existing location under the west end of the Burnside Bridge, under the Morrison Bridge, or in the Rose Quarter. The PDC sought public input to narrow the slate down to three sites.

So far, it sounds like the current site is topping the list. "The general consensus is that people really like it in the area that it's in, and it's worked for us for 28 years," says vendor Karin Eder, who's been peddling her stained and fused glass art at the Market for the past five years. The PDC is expected to announce the top three choices by December. AMY JENNIGES

Run, Brading, Run

Just before press time, Multnomah Community Television CEO Rob Brading officially announced his candidacy for Oregon House District 49, the seat currently occupied by House Speaker Karen Minnis (R-Wood Village).

Minnis was instrumental in killing SB1000, a combined civil unions/anti-discrimination bill, in the last legislative session by shelving it and blocking a vote in the House as the clock ran out on the session. Even before pulling the bill, she was the most visible target among progressive groups seeking to gain control of the House.

Judging by the Multnomah County Democrats' press release announcing his candidacy, Brading will focus on Minnis' record of supporting corporations at the expense of her constituents.

This is the second time Brading has run against Minnis. Last year, he lost by a relatively slim 1,500 votes, despite being well outspent during the campaign. This year, a coalition of progressive groups is expected to help him even out the playing field. SCOTT MOORE

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