State of the Muck

Filled with self-congratulations on its efforts to clean up the Willamette River, the city released a "State of the River Report" last week as an update on how well it is meeting the goals of the River Renaissance program.

Much like the president's State of the Union, the report is less a report card on the reality of the river's health than a celebratory list of achievements.

"In truth, they're not giving you an assessment of the health of the river," says Willamette Riverkeepers' Travis Williams. Still, Williams said, the city is making strides with water treatment, sewer overflow, and habitat restoration.

Of the few specific pieces of data offered in the report are that the water quality index has gone from "fair" to "good," 11,350 feet of stream bank was improved or restored, and (uh oh!) there were 10 sewer overflow "events" last summer, seven more than the year before. SCOTT MOORE

Linnton's Pissed

Residents in Linnton were alarmed to learn last week that a slice of Willamette River shoreline in their neighborhood was on the short list of possible sites for a controversial ship-scrapping operation, Bay Bridge Enterprises.

The site, a closed lumber mill, has been the focus of neighborhood efforts to build a vibrant town center with condos and small shops. For the past few years, residents have been lobbying city officials and the Portland Development Commission (PDC) to adopt their plan.

So when Linnton Neighborhood Association President Pat Wagner learned that the PDC has been talking to Bay Bridge, she sent out an understandably irate email to neighbors: "NEWS FLASH: PDC lies, sneaks, and tries to stick it to Linnton again!!!!!!!" Wagner says Linnton will do "whatever it takes" to stop the ship-breaking company from moving in. AMY JENNIGES

Voodoo Politics

The race for city council just got a little sweeter—if not a lot weirder. Voodoo Doughnut co-owner Tres Shannon has filed to run against Dan Saltzman, and Voodoo employee Jay Boss Rubin has filed against Erik Sten. Both will try for public funding under the Voter-Owned Elections. SM