Drag Debate

On Wednesday, March 15, the raucous queer performance troupe Sissyboy plans to put City Commissioner Dan Saltzman and two of his opponents on the hot seat at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison): "The Sissyboys are getting the incumbent Saltzman to battle it out... in a Q and A that will leave the crowd blushing," says Sissyboy's Zebra. Phil Busse—who wrote in the Mercury last week ["Lock & Load", Mar 2] that the current campaigns are real snoozers—will host Sissyboy's debate, starting at 10:30 pm. AMY JENNIGES

Drug-Free Zone

After months of tinkering with the Drug-Free and Prostitution-Free Zone ordinances, Mayor Tom Potter has ditched the idea of tying the controversial exclusions to a criminal prosecution. Instead, the new ordinances—which Potter presented at the March 8 city council meeting—strike a compromise.

Under the new ordinance, cops would just have to arrest someone or issue a citation on a drug or prostitution related offense before excluding someone. Other changes under Potter's proposal: All exclusions will be automatically reviewed by a city code hearings officer, people with exclusions no longer need a waiver to enter the zones to head to home, work, or school, and the council will set up a committee to report annually on the exclusion ordinances. AJ

Tram Town Hall

Dig out your umbrellas, and head to Portland State University on Tuesday, March 14, for what's sure to be a political shitstorm about the OHSU tram.

Commissioner Sam Adams—who called for a tram townhall meeting, slated for 6:30 pm in the Vanport Room at PSU's Smith Memorial Student Union—wants to reign in the budget-busting project. So far, the city's only on the hook for $3.5 of the $55 million tram, and he'd like to keep it that way. Judging from the flurry of criticism the meeting announcement provoked on his blog, this event should be very entertaining. AJ