Over the course of the few final days leading up to the withdrawal deadline, the race for city council got a whole lot smaller. As it currently stands, Commissioner Erik Sten has six challengers, as does Dan Saltzman.

The most notable names that have been dropped from the May primary are Voodoo Doughnut's Tres Shannon and Jay "Boss" Rubin, who were running against Saltzman and Sten, respectively.

Bruce Broussard, a Republican and perennial candidate, filed to run against Congressman Earl Blumenauer, but failed to withdraw from the city council race first, resulting in him being dropped from both races. (By state law, a person cannot be a candidate for more than one race.) Sten opponent Robert Ted Hinds withdrew to take a job out of town. Don Smith dropped for unspecified reasons.

The remaining candidates seeking public campaign funds under the Voter-Owned Elections system have until March 30 to qualify. SCOTT MOORE


Has it already been three years since Bush invaded Iraq? Time sure flies when you're torturing detainees, bombing civilians, and stoking the fires of civil war due to your screamingly incompetent post-war planning and complete ignorance of Middle East culture and history.

On Sunday, March 19 (or what will surely come to be known as "M19" if the shit hits the fan), a massive coalition of peace groups will stage an antiwar rally and march at downtown's Waterfront Park north of the Morrison Bridge. The rally will kick off at 2 pm, with the march through downtown slated for 2:30 pm. SM


During the Pacific Green Party (PGP) nomination convention last Saturday, March 11, only one vote separated the two gubernatorial candidates—Ed Winslow and Joe Keating. But, since six of the nominating ballots were provisional (meaning the voters' status as registered Green Party members couldn't be immediately verified), the results are still in limbo.

At press time, the PGP election committee was still attempting to verify the status of those ballots with county officials, and hoped to have results tallied and certified by this Friday. SM