Madeline Carroll

Bike Victory

Bicyclist Sean Barrett spent last Thursday, April 13, in court. Five months earlier, when Barrett was in a bike lane near the Rose Quarter, a car pulled across two lanes, right into Barrett's path. He couldn't avoid crashing into the car.

So on Thursday, Barrett became the second cyclist to take a driver to traffic court ["Citizen's Arrest," April 13], under a little-used process where citizens can initiate a traffic citation. According to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's Jessica Roberts—who attended the court proceedings to support Barrett—the judge said he'd never seen someone use the process in his six years on the traffic court bench.

Barrett—who brought detailed drawings and a witness to court—was successful. The driver pled no contest to two violations. AMY JENNIGES

Candidates Gone Smart

Thanks to all involved, last Thursday's (April 13) Mercury City Council Candidate Forum was a rousing success. In keeping with the spirit of publicly funded elections, the high-profile front-runner candidates were put on the same footing as candidates who have worked no less diligently, but who haven't captured as many headlines.

Only one candidate—Emilie Boyles—failed to show, despite confirming that she'd be there. Considering the storm of bad publicity her campaign has weathered, that probably shouldn't come as a surprise.

The forum couldn't have happened without the gracious help of PSU's Hatfield School of Government, Dr. Ronald Tammen, PSU Government Relations Associate Jennifer Williamson, Phil Busse, and all the candidates. Keep an eye on for video footage. SCOTT MOORE

Pipe Dreams

Word has gotten around that the Lents Neighborhood Association is pressuring convenience stores in their part of town to stop selling legal items that could be used to do drugs.

Now, other neighborhoods are poised to follow Lents' lead. Folks in Montavilla—the neighborhood between Mt. Tabor and I-205, which, like Lents, straddles 82nd—are currently rounding up volunteers to tally the neighborhood's convenience stores and figure out which ones have problematic items on the shelves. AJ