After hearing the news that embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was resigning, the nationwide lefty blogosphere went nuts with back-patting and champagne-popping. But locally, the news had special significance, since Oregon Speaker of the House Jeff Merkley was the one who single-handedly took Gonzales down.

Ok, not really—but a mere week before Gonzales' announcement, Merkley—who's running for US Senate—made waves by calling for Gonzo to be impeached.

"Gonzales tucked his tail between his legs when he heard that Jeff Merkley called for his impeachment," Merkley's netroots organizer, Carla Axtman, joked. "He ran like a scared girl."

Banking on his new track record, Merkley has now called for American troops to be pulled out of Iraq. Now, if he could only call for American Idol to be canceled. SCOTT MOORE


A woman who complained about her treatment at the hands of a rent-a-cop working for Portland Patrol, Inc. three weeks ago ["Boo Hoo!" News, Aug 23] says she is not satisfied with the resolution of her complaint.

Regina Hannon met with PPI boss John Hren on Monday, August 22. Hren told her that while armed PPI Officer Philip Goodfellow had not denied saying a group of protesters "should be shot," PPI employees had the expectation of privacy with regard to discipline. According to Hannon, Hren said there "would be a follow-up" to the complaint, but he could not say what the outcome of the process would be. The mayor's office annouced a new complaints procedure for PPI two weeks ago. Hren did not return the Mercury's call for comment. MATT DAVIS