The Portland Business Alliance (PBA) evidently reconsidered its initial overreaction to news that downtown store Art Media planned to host a graffiti art event on October 13. The PBA's Clean and Safe director, Bill Sinnott, had suggested a group of concerned citizens go down to the shop to talk with owner Dave Mosher ["American Graffiti," News, Oct 11]. But in the end, the job of chatting with Art Media was left to Crime Prevention Coordinator Walter Garcia and Steve Trujillo of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, and the event went off smoothly. MATT DAVIS


The Kenton Neighborhood Association board voted on Wednesday, October 10, to rescind a previous letter of support for the proposal to rename Interstate Avenue for César E. Chávez. "We may have erred procedurally in offering the board's support of the proposal... as separate and distinct from the support or opposition of the neighborhood association as a whole, and without having sought adequate member input as required by our bylaws," wrote chair Aaron Gray. "As a result... the Kenton Neighborhood Association and its board of directors take no position on the proposal to rename Interstate." AMY J. RUIZ