Ballots are due by 8 pm on Election Day—which is this Tuesday, November 6. Get it in the mail early, drop it off at the Multnomah County Elections office at SE 10th and Morrison, or any Multnomah County Library. (For more drop-off locations, head to

But before you drop your ballot off, be sure to fill in the right bubbles! We've made it very easy for you this year, recommending that you vote YES on all three items on your ballot—State Measures 49 and 50, and the City of Portland's Measure 26-93. For our in-depth analysis, and more information about our endorsements, head to AMY J. RUIZ


On Tuesday morning, October 30, Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Rules Coordinator Jennifer Huntsman heard public testimony on a proposal that would relax the OLCC's "minor postings" rules, potentially allowing more all-ages events in venues that serve alcohol.

Not a single person showed up to object to the proposal, but plenty of musicians, music fans, and venue owners stepped up to the mic to urge the OLCC to approve the proposal, which they argued would help all-ages venues flourish. "There's a real desire and need for these establishments, and they just don't exist," explained Damian Vander Wilt, who runs a website that lists all-ages shows. Economically speaking, he added, "it's hard to keep your establishment open" if you can't sell alcohol.

City Commissioner Sam Adams also sent a statement to the OLCC's hearing, saying, "expanding equal access to the inspiration, education, and enrichment offered by Portland's diverse art communities is a top priority." He supports the proposal, which would "offer an opportunity to expand access to our growing music and cultural scene, while maintaining the economic prosperity of our many neighborhood venues and the safety of our young citizens."

Public comment on the proposal is open until November 13. AJR