On Tuesday, January 22, the Portland Police Bureau announced that Timothy Wiles—the cement truck driver who drove over cyclist Tracey Sparling at the intersection of SW 14th and Burnside on October 11, killing her—was cited for failure to yield to a bicycle, which carries a $242 fine.

In another high-profile collision that claimed a cyclist's life, police decided not to issue a citation to Bryan Lowes, who was driving a garbage truck down N Interstate on October 22. Cyclist Brett Jarolimek collided with the truck as it turned right onto Greeley. AMY J. RUIZ


Police Chief Rosie Sizer is mulling the idea of scrapping her twice-a-month Chief's Forum public meetings. The sessions—established under past chief, Tom Potter, in the early 1990s—are an opportunity for Sizer to meet with community representatives to discuss her policies. The press was welcome, too, until earlier this month, when Sizer changed the format to once a month for January and February, calling the two closed meetings "planning sessions," to which the media has not been invited.

Also, last Thursday, January 17, facilitators at an open public meeting of the mayor's racial profiling meeting asked reporters to keep two hours of discussion off the record. Sizer was unavailable for comment. MATT DAVIS


Commissioner Randy Leonard's proposed second temporary day-access center for the homeless on NW 5th is off the table ["Old Town Dumping Ground," News, Jan 10] because of bad timing, according to Old Town cop Jeff Myers—thanks to controversy over siting of a permanent day-access center. Meanwhile, the mayor's Street Access for Everyone (SAFE) group is still looking for a second temporary day-access space; its existing one at SW 13th and Alder remains overloaded and is struggling to cope. MD