Score one for City Commissioner Sam Adams, who fended off a possible challenge to his sweeping transportation improvement package—a plan that'll add a fee to residential and business water bills to pay for $463 million in street improvements. Convenience stores and gas stations were protesting the plan, saying the rate they'd be charged—based on how many vehicular trips a business generates—was unfair. Adams compromised, reducing the amount those business will pay by about $75,000 a year, total, and businesses that only sell fuel will see a further reduction if a statewide gas tax passes to supplement the city's fundraising.

"The Oregon Petroleum Association [OPA] will not refer the measures to the voters of the city, nor will we support any other group's possible referral," OPA's Paul Romain wrote in an email on January 22, paving the way for a council vote. AMY J. RUIZ


A memorial service is planned on Friday, February 1, for Portland Police Officer Mark Zylawy of Northeast Precinct, who was killed Sunday morning, January 27. Apparently, a semi-truck struck Zylawy as he waited by the side of the I-5 highway after experiencing car trouble.

"Officer Zylawy was not only a great officer, but a great friend to many in the communities he served with compassion and concern," said Mayor Tom Potter in a statement on Monday. The memorial is set for 11 am at New Hope Community Church, located at 11731 SE Stevens, Portland, OR, 97086. MATT DAVIS