In the face of a 50 percent rent increase, two of Hawthorne's most well-known shops have decided to remain on the boulevard: Jackpot Records will be moving less than two blocks down the street to 3574 SE Hawthorne, and Naked City Clothing has decided to remain at their current location, though they will be downsizing.

According to sources, the businesses faced a major rent increase after owner Frank Nudo reportedly sold the building to Thorn Corporation, LLC—AKA Nat Celko and Ron Stroh (the sale hasn't been recorded yet, thanks to back taxes owed by Nudo). Celko is also associated with buildings and undeveloped land on the 6000 block of SE Division under the name 60 Division Development, LLC. These two companies share the same PO box, but neither company has an actual office. Celko refused to comment on the purchase of the Hawthorne building. JENNIFER FURNISS


The Multnomah County district attorney's office is still deciding whether to press criminal charges against sheriff's deputies at the Multnomah County Detention Center, following their alleged conspiracy to force an inmate to stab another prisoner in the eye last October.

The eye-stabbing victim, Michael Evans, alleges he was stabbed by four-time felon Eric Nash, who acted on the orders of Sheriff's Deputy Brian Flanagan. The deputy allegedly told Nash: "I thought I told you to take care of that child molester." District Attorney Josh Lamborn says he is reviewing the sheriff's internal investigation into the allegations before Nash's case goes before a delayed grand jury on February 21. MATT DAVIS


The Oregon State Legislature kicked off a month-long supplementary session on Monday, February 4—a sort of test drive before committing to regular annual sessions. The catch? Bills introduced in the off-year session have to address an emergency. Some—like a mortgage reform bill sponsored by Senator Ben Westlund—are urgent, while other "emergencies" are comical. In the senate, one bill increases the penalties related to dogfighting and "expands [the] definition of 'dogfighting paraphernalia,'" while another changes the date "by which schools must replace certain types of light bulbs." A third changes the font color of out-of-state campaign contributions in finance reports. Hmm. AMY J. RUIZ