There was good news last week for Alice Malacote, the octogenarian woman who was due to be evicted August 29 from her Park Tower apartment on SW Salmon.

She's been given another 90 days to arrange for alternative accommodations before being kicked out—thanks in part to the Mercury's coverage of her story ["Evicting the Elderly," News, Aug 24], which led to an intervention by the Schnitzer family, who owns the building.

While Malacote is safe, for now, from landing on the street, those working with Portland's elderly homeless continue to push for an ordinance that would force landlords evicting elderly tenants to contact the county's aging and disability services referral line well in advance, to ensure their continuing safety. MATT DAVIS


The ongoing Schumacher Fur Company protest took an ugly—and odorous—turn on Labor Day. According to police, owner Gregg Schumacher stopped by the store at 1 pm to find his locks glued shut for the second time in a week and "human feces all over the windows."

"We don't condone this behavior, and would like to distance ourselves from it," said Connie Durkee, a spokeswoman for Portland's In Defense of Animals, which loosely organizes the regular Saturday afternoon protests outside the store.

The vandalism follows the relatively light sentencing last week of two protestors arrested outside the store in March. MD


On Sunday, September 3, an estimated 3,000 protestors marched through downtown Portland in support of immigrant workers' rights.

Despite having spent weeks harassing day laborers in far-flung, isolated areas like Cornelius, anti-immigrant group Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) failed to make a showing in the city. In fact, anti-immigrant sentiments were only represented by a small handful of people. (For more about the protest, see

In other OFIR news, they'll be holding a meeting this Saturday, September 9, at the Best Western Inn in Salem (3125 Ryan Drive SE) at 1 pm. Stop by and tell 'em hi. SCOTT MOORE