The mayor's office has postponed a council hearing about a controversial report on the Independent Police Review (IPR). The hearing, scheduled for Thursday, February 28, has been postponed until March when it will be turned into a council work session—which also removes the opportunity for public comment on the report. "We're not taking this lying down," says Portland Copwatch activist Dan Handelman. "We've already registered our complaints with the mayor's office, and we're hoping the hearing will be reinstated. This only serves to reinforce the idea that the IPR is doing the public's business out of the public eye." MATT DAVIS


Old Town neighbors called an emergency meeting on Tuesday, February 26, to talk about yet another alternative site for a permanent access center for the homeless in Old Town. On Wednesday, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) is expected to recommend putting the center on "Block U," opposite Union Station on Broadway. But property owner John Beardsley was ready to tell neighbors about a "completely different approach" to "Block O," which is one block north of "Block 25," the original and most controversial option for siting the center. The city council will vote on the PDC's recommendation on March 5. Beardsley did not return a call for comment. MD