Foxworth Cries Discrimination

Former Portland Police Chief Derrick Foxworth intends to sue the city for $1.3 million, alleging that his demotion to the rank of captain following his affair with desk clerk Angela Oswalt (racy emails surfaced this summer, and Foxworth was demoted in June) was based on race. According to a tort claim filed with the city on October 4 by Foxworth's lawyer, Lawrence Matasar, Foxworth was allegedly treated differently by the city's disciplinary process from his "nearly entirely Caucasian" predecessors. The notice gives the city until November 4 to respond.

The mayor issued a statement saying the city will "vigorously defend" against Foxworth's action, should he choose to pursue it, but Foxworth's timing is difficult for the mayor and his police bureau—they are currently dealing with the in-custody death of James Chasse Jr. in September, and a damning report on racial profiling, due to be presented to city council on October 19. MATT DAVIS

Hawthorne Fights Parking Meters

Last week, the Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association (HBBA) board rejected the idea of parking meters for the retail strip—despite reassurances by Commissioner Sam Adams that meters aren't even an official proposal yet. According to Adams, the city's just studying the economic health and parking situation of a few retail districts, including Hawthorne; at the conclusion of the study, ideas for bolstering business—including, possibly, parking meters—will be vetted.

But the HBBA board, reacting to heated debate among businesses that have been heavily slanted against meters, preemptively dumped the idea. "In response to the overwhelming opposition to parking meters on Hawthorne, the HBBA board has requested that Commissioner Adams eliminate parking meters as a way to solve any parking problems on Hawthorne," HBBA Board President Mary Sellin wrote to businesses on October 13. Sellin also called for a Hawthorne "summit" in November, for businesses and residents to come up with their own ideas "for the future of Hawthorne." AMY JENNIGES