Concerned Oregonians—the con- servative group that hopes to gather enough signatures to put Oregon's new domestic partnership and anti-discrimination laws on the November ballot—sent out a breathless email on Monday, April 21, indicating that the group's wallet is virtually empty.

"Of the 8,000 Oregonians on this email list, only 40 have made contributions toward our efforts, totaling $4,385.00," grumbled Concerned Oregonians' David Crowe. "That is not enough."

The group's overall financial picture is even worse, however, according to state campaign filings: The political action committee has $517.06 in the bank as of this writing, but enough outstanding accounts payable to put them in the hole by $6,191.70. Moreover, those petitions—due back to the secretary of state's office by July 3 with 82,769 valid signatures each—have yet to be approved for circulation.


Concerned citizen Bob Richardson is kicking up a stink after a rent-a-cop in Pioneer Courthouse Square told him to stop using a "monopod"—a device similar to a tripod, but with just one leg—in the public space. Richardson, who had his video camera attached to the monopod, was told he couldn't let the device touch Pioneer Square's bricks without an event permit. "On the one hand, what he was saying was absolutely absurd. And on the other, I don't think it is a supportable policy under the law," Richardson says. Read more—and check out Richardson's video documenting the encounter—on


On Friday, April 18, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission's board unanimously approved a new "Minor Posting" rule that will allow some venues to admit the under-21 set and serve alcohol at the same time, provided that the venue's "control plan" is vetted and approved by the OLCC. For more details, check out Our Town Could Be Your Life.