It's the halfway mark in the Columbia River Crossing's draft environmental impact study public comment period (better get cracking—you've only got until July 1 to finishing reading all 5,000 pages!), and sparks are flying over the controversial project. Three Metro councilors are approaching the high stakes more-freeway-lanes-in-exchange-for-light-rail political "trade off" with a novel solution—a resolution calling for light rail and bridge tolls now, and a reevaluation of the need for more bridge lanes later—so you can expect fireworks at the June 5 Metro meeting. There, at 2 pm, that resolution (backed by Councilor Robert Liberty) goes head to head with resolutions from Columbia River Crossing proponent Councilor Rex Burkholder, and an attempt at a compromise from Metro President David Bragdon. AJR


Admitted pedophile blogger Jack McClellan says two cops at Powell Butte Nature Park harassed him last Thursday, May 29.

McClellan says he was eating a sandwich in the park when a park ranger came up and started talking to him. Then, a patrol car rolled up with two cops inside.

"They told me, 'We just don't feel this is a good place for you,'" he says. "And I asked them why, and they said, 'We're afraid you might grab a kid off the trail and run off with them.' I told them I didn't know where else to go, and one of them said, 'How about Thailand?'" he continues. "The feel was, 'You're on our turf, get out of here.' I had no choice but to sit there and talk with them, but I didn't know what they were going to do." MD