Two more arrestees announced plans this week to sue the county, alleging they were beaten at the hands of sheriff's deputies in the booking area of the Multnomah County Detention Center on SW 3rd. A similar suit has already been filed by Michael Evans—a former inmate whose in-jail beating was captured on video last September ["Summary Injustice," News, July 19].

The tort claims—which were scheduled to be filed on Wednesday, September 12, along with a $60,000 lawsuit by Evans— appear to point to a systemic problem with prisoner abuse at the jail.

Frank Coleman alleges being violently beaten by sheriff's deputies in a "separation cell"—a pre-booking holding cell just out of sight of the jail video cameras—on March 17, 2007, in retaliation for requesting an attorney.

Mitchell Elliott alleges being violently beaten in a separation cell without provocation on June 3, 2007. One of the deputies is claimed to have said, "You think you're going to fuck around with me?" as Elliott was being dragged toward the cell.

Both men want damages for violation of their rights, and for video cameras to be placed in the separation cells.

The two men's attorneys at Haile Greenwald have refused further comment.