THE DEADLINE TO file for city council came and went last Tuesday evening, March 7.

As it stands, incumbent Erik Sten (seat 2) has six challengers: State Senator—and Gard & Gerber employee—Ginny Burdick, nonprofit consultant Emilie Boyles, Ferrari mechanic Lewis Humble, mason/artist/composer Jory "Moof" Knott, small business owner Dave Lister, and Voodoo Doughnut flipper Jay "Boss" Rubin. His newest challenger, longtime petition circulator Francisco Holdman, filed about 10 minutes before the deadline closed.

Incumbent Dan Saltzman (seat 3) is facing slightly more competition with nine challengers: businessman (and Republican) Bruce Broussard, bartender Michael Casper, nurse/neighborhood activist Amanda Fritz, "healer/entrepreneur/filmmaker/author/musician" Chris Iverson, real estate agent Sharon Nasset, mortgage banker Don Smith, Voodoo Doughnut co-owner Tres Shannon, community center director Lucinda Tate, and the newest—and hands-down weirdest—filing, the singularly named Watchman.

(According to elections officials, Watchman is registered to vote under that name. On his filing form, he lists his occupation as "Work for God." Previously, he was "annointed [sic] high preist [sic] of Christianity 1992" and "annointed [sic] President of US 1994.")

Most of the candidates are attempting to qualify for public campaign funds under the Voter-Owned Elections system by gathering 1,000 $5 contributions. So far, only three have qualified—Sten, Boyles, and Fritz. The rest have until March 30 to turn in their signatures.

City Auditor Gary Blackmer barely squeaked in by the deadline, filing for reelection with the city on March 6.

The last day to withdraw from the race is this Friday, March 10.