Libertarianism may be a perfect alternative niche for recovering Democrats; its adherents can wear coonskin caps to social events, smoke pot, and sleep with unkempt whores--all while draped in the cloak of a Utopian free-market ideology and protected by the latest camouflage fashions.

Before Libertarians gained a small cultural foothold in the national discourse, Republican parties used to be grim, determined affairs. Now, having reduced their foes to bickering whiners who fight amongst themselves, young Republicans frequently kick back with the Libertarians--smoking joints, swapping wives and girlfriends, bantering playfully about legalizing drugs, and even laughing out loud, preferably maniacally.

But Libertarianism has one critical downside: It's a party of extremes. Taken to its logical conclusions, libertarianism, like anarchy, winds up creating a world that looks entirely too much like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.