Jake is a lovable looking tan colored 80-pound Shepherd-mix "lost dog." He was last seen near North Portsmouth and Lombard, Saturday, June 28, presumably making a poopy.

"We just changed his collar," explains the flyer telephone poled all over St. Johns, "so he does not have tags. He is VERY gentle and approachable. Please call Nichole at 503-789-7909 or Hal at 503-799-5955."

Of all the lost dogs we considered for this feature, Jake takes the cake. Please find and return him to his rightful humans, if for nothing else, the handsome reward offered. We'll even kick up the reward by adding a box of light bulbs to the first person who returns Jake uneaten.

Who says the Portland Mercury is good fer nuthin'? We care about Jake, Nichole, and Hal, and we care about you! JD