Midnight Pranks That Are Exciting Comment.

Editor Sunday Mercury: Ladies should be more cautious in going to the seaside and leaving the servant girls in charge of young men. It has come to light that a certain lady in the vicinity of Eighth Street, went to the seaside for a few days, leaving the house in the care of young men and girls. The actions that went on 'till midnight, would be a disgrace to any young girl. Fathers should be a little more careful of the company their daughters are keeping.

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Editor Sunday Mercury: That personification of all that is respectable and decent in life (in his mind), the editor of The Oregonian, has seen fit to give my place a false position in the eyes of those I most prize. I have been doing business in Portland for 27 years, and have never had any difficulty occur in my house, never had any shooting, cutting, or other troubles occur on the premises, and have never allowed drunken men around my place. I never sell "drunken men" liquor and never allow any one to get drunk in my place of business. If men go elsewhere and get drunk, making my place the resort of their drunken howls, I do not see why I should not put them out, even if it does displease the virtuous Harvey W. S.

"Paddy" Martin

Trying to Freeze a Cripple Out.

To the Editor of The Mercury: Sir, allow me space to explain to you readers how Malarkey has tried to freeze me out of the oyster business. It is well known that I am a cripple and compelled to follow this occupation for a livelihood. My right side is paralyzed and cannot perform manual labor. It has now come to my knowledge that Malarkey has written to Oysterville, to the man who furnishes me with oysters, offering him a higher price if he would not supply me with oysters. I have a bargain with the man, by which I am enabled to sell a better class of oysters than those sold by Malarkey, at a price lower than he sells inferior oysters for. My man at Oysterville writes me that he will continue to supply me this quality of oysters, so I will not be froze out. Please say to the readers of The Mercury that I will continue to deliver my oysters to their homes whenever desired, and that I think a mean trick for Malarkey to try to freeze out a cripple.

John Vera