While Gacy, Dahmer and Cunanan may have snapped up the headlines, let's not forget the following grisly murderers of the gay persuasion


Dean Corll seemed normal enough; after a stint in the army, he went to work for mommy's candy store. But when the store closed in the late '60s, Corll made a new name for himself by murdering 27 young men in a meticulously deviant manner. Corll used the services of two youngsters, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Owen Brooks, to lure boys to his Houston home for "glue-sniffing parties." The victims would be handcuffed, tied down to a board, sodomized, and then killed. However, Corll's reign of terror came to a violent end when Elmer had the audacity to bring a girl to the huffing party. Infuriated, Elmer was chained to the killing board, but somehow talked Corll into releasing him. When he did, Elmer shot him six times in the chest with Corll's own gun. On the scene, police described it as "wall-to-wall bodies" eventually discovering 27 corpses and bags of male genitalia. David received a life sentence, Elmer is still working on 594 years of hard labor.


Soon after World War I, Fritz Haarmann became the terror of Germany by committing a string of murders, and disposing of the remains in a stomach-churning fashion. Dressed as a policeman and with the help of a lover/accomplice by the name of Hans Grans, Fritz would lure young boys into his apartment. After hacking the bodies up with a variety of sharp implements, Fritz would sell the "meat" as food on the black market and dump the remains. Police caught on to the pair's nefarious deeds when they discovered the victims' stolen belongings in the apartment, and 23 decimated bodies in the river. Fritz eventually confessed to almost 40 murders, and while his lover got off with a short 12-year prison stint, "The Butcher of Hanover" was butchered himself--via the guillotine.


Would you kill for love? Apparently this was the case with Aileen "Lee" Wuornos who is thought to have murdered at least seven "johns" while prostituting herself to support her lover, Tyria Moore. During her yearlong murder spree in 1989, the pair lived in a seedy motel room just south of Daytona, Florida, which is said to have been graced with a 3-D picture of the Last Supper on the wall. And while "Lee" was a stone-cold killer, she was very particular about her victims, murdering only those who "got rough or wouldn't pay." Unfortunately for our anti-hero, true love took a turn south when Lee's lover rolled over and turned state's evidence. Ms. Moore walked, and "Lee" is still sitting on death's row where she claims, "I don't deserve it. It was just self-defense."


The first murder England's Dennis Nilsen committed was in 1978; a one-night stand who refused to stay overnight. He was choked with a necktie. The second was similarly dispatched with a headphone cord. What followed was a lengthy list of strangers Dennis would pick up at bars, drug, and then slaughter. But the question invariably arises: What does one do with all the bodies? Dennis would keep them under his floorboard, occasionally removing them so he could masturbate while lying at their side. Ultimately, he was forced to burn the bodies in his backyard, tossing in the occasional tire to mask the telltale smell. It wasn't until a neighbor's complaint of backed-up drainage pipes led police to Dennis' abode and a very grisly discovery. Through it all, Dennis remained philosophical, saying, "Loneliness is a long, unbearable pain I caused dreams which caused death. This is my crime." He remains imprisoned on the Isle of Wight to this very day.

For more info on these and more gay murderers consult your local library, or Jim Goad's Answer Me! The First Three (1994, AK Press).