Although a skin-scratching case of anthrax may be more welcome than a steamy night with Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, it's a little-known fact that many news makers are also some of the greatest--and most inventive--love makers. Need we say anything more than Bill Clinton, an intern, and a cigar? From our charming mayor to those sexy, black-clad anarchists loitering along Burnside, the City of Portland is brimming full of movers and shakers who are serious by day, but S-E-X-Y by night! Mercury For Her cornered a few of these news makers in order to answer all with your burning questions about dating!

Geordie Duckler
News-Making Position: Cutting-Edge Animal Rights Attorney

Does a puppy increase a guy's chance of getting the chicks?
I don't think so, though I admire guys that try. I was too young for girls when I had a puppy.

Are women more attracted to you because you defend animals?
Sure! I'd better say that anyway.

Best pick-up line?
'My dog has a coat and pants.'

Any advice for pet owners if there's another terrorist attack?
Register your pets as deadly weapons, and use them for counter-terrorist measures.

Kelly Peterson
News-Making Position: Lobbyist for National Humane Society

Would you go out with a non-pet owner?
My only requirement is that they love Molly [her dog], who can try anyone's patience. [pause] She can really try people.

Most embarrassing date?
I was on a date, and he was saying goodbye to me at the door. He went to hug me, and Molly made a bee-line for him and started mounting his leg. As you can imagine, it ruined the moment.

Dennise Kowalczyk
News-Making Position: Director, KBOO Evening News

Is it a good idea to talk about terrorism on a first date?
No, not unless they're a terrorist Then it might turn them on.

Most successful pick-up line?
'How do you feel about trampolines?'

Dave Mazza
News-Making Position: Editor, Portland Alliance

Do you think anthrax is a good conversation piece on a first date?
I guess it could be an ice-breaker. It's good to be topical, as long as your date is not employed as a federal agent.

Fave Romantic spot?
Other than the holding cell at the Justice center? Probably Crown Point.

Dating Tip?
A thorough and exhaustive background check is the key to it all.

Scorpio. But I only believe it when the horoscopes say something insightful.