At approximately 12:30 pm last Wednesday, a small wind devil waged an unprovoked attack on two small girls and their mother.

The threesome were playing innocently on the vast, black-topped James John Elementary playground--a hotbed for wind devils and other naturally occurring phenomena--when the attack commenced, reports Neona Rice, mother of Caylin, 7, and Beverly, 4.

"We all ran for our lives when it started up, but it was too fast," says Rice. "It covered us with dirt and splinters, then picked up a garbage can lid and hurled it at us."

"It lodged dirt down my underpants, too," adds Rice. "It was a mean little devil."

According to witnesses, an old man was also harassed by the devil. Lacking the agility to run, he tried to fend it off with his hands, but the miniature tornado proved too wily, and barraged him with various bits of debris. The man's name was unavailable at press time.

All three victims were uninjured in the attack, and both girls attended soccer camp later that day. JWS

Avoid the wily Wind Devils at James John Elementary, N. Lombard & John St.