"All the other photo processing stores in town are beating their heads against the wall over digital cameras," remarks Jake Shivery, owner of Blue Moon Camera. "I'm not interested in that."

To express his disinterest, Shivery has stocked his wonderful, quirky little store with a vast array of ancient Viewmasters, Super-8 cameras, regular old point-and-clicks, and typewriters?

"I'm sort of a typewriter fetishist," confesses Shivery. "I actually had a collection of 40 old, broken typewriters that I just couldn't throw away. Then I found a guy who fixes typewriters and suddenly, I had a new product to sell."

Shivery swears that each one of the beautifully restored typewriters on display works perfectly, and amazingly, has priced each one between $75 and $150--a small price to pay for such an elegant antique. I'm already planning to get one for myself, and one as the perfect gift for that special someone.

You can, of course, also get film developed at Blue Moon, and the resulting prints are perfectly toned and bordered. I have a severe crush on this store, and I've only been there once! JWS

Blue Moon Camera & Machine, 8417 N Lombard