When Multnomah County elections officials certified the results of May's primary campaign last Monday, June 5, they also released a database detailing how specific precincts voted in each race. In order to save you from number-crunching tedium, we've broken down the city council results for you.

State Sen. Ginny Burdick, who challenged incumbent Erik Sten for seat two and lost by about 23 percentage points, managed to win only a handful of precincts. Not surprisingly, her biggest support came from Southwest Portland, which not only encompasses the district she represents in the state senate, but is also home to the downtown power brokers who financed her campaign. Burdick also managed to pick up a couple of precincts in outer Northeast, near the airport.

Still, despite having her power base in downtown, she lost the area to Sten. In the Southwest and inner Northwest, Burdick picked up 9,055 votes, far fewer than Sten's 11,388.

While Dave Lister failed to take any precincts, his numbers in several places kept steady with both Sten and Burdick. In fact, in outer Southeast—along Foster Road and 130th-ish—the "Eastside Guy" bested Burdick by a handful of votes in at least three precincts.

Coming as a shock to perhaps only her Russian-speaking volunteers, Emilie Boyles failed to win in any precinct. She only (barely) broke the 100-vote mark in 10 voting areas, and all but three of those were east of 122nd and south of Burnside.

In the other city council race, Amanda Fritz failed to nab any precincts from incumbent Dan Saltzman. Her biggest support, though, came from outer Southwest. In the area that contains Arnold Creek (Fritz headed up the Friends of Arnold Creek advocacy group), she picked up 614 votes; Saltzman got 873.

Perhaps the biggest surprise? In the Saltzman/Fritz race, a whopping 11,706 people—almost 12 percent of the voters—undervoted, meaning they didn't vote for anyone.