Sexual Politics

Transgender Tweens


"And that means LGBT groups need to get over the fear of being targeted for "recruiting children.""

True that!

Christian fundamentalists/terrorists target and recruit kids FROM BIRTH! So LGBT groups shouldn't have to worry at all about how young kids are, before they attempt the education/enlightening process. Unfortunately, gay and trans kids are being tortured by their fucked up christian families now.
I find it unconscionable that anyone would subject their child to hormonal treatments which block the natural process of development, simply because the child is so confused as to believe they are the wrong gender. If a child believed he was a tall kid trapped in a short kid's body, should his parents put him on the rack to make him taller?
There are ways to make kids grow taller. Some of the puberty blockers may actually have this side effect. I'm sure some wealthy parents have already done this to their children. Live and let live.