Sexual Politics

Dreaded Violence


I couldn't put my finger on why I didn't want to pass this story around on Facebook, but this is why. Your work here will be sorely missed, and I home someone else can step up and take your place.
I'm having a hard time getting past the phrase "dreadlocks are disgusting and everyone who decides to grow dreadlocks should be publicly mocked." When referring to white people, this is pretty accurate because white people with dreads (as in the guy who committed this violence) are appropriative shit heads. Otherwise, that statement is fucked. So a white person thinks a hairstyle belonging to people of color is icky and worth ridicule? GROUNDBREAKING.
"police arrested a 32-year-old Southeast Portland man for attempting to strangle his girlfriend with his dreadlocks."

I saw this ..... "story" repeated in my feed on fb all fucking week. I read the Sexual Politics article here for the first time and HERE IT IS AGAIN.

Please stop.

This is stupid as shit and probably not even true.