The final countdown has begun and the politicians are still trying to mop up the final dregs of undecided voters.

Thursday, October 21

WAKE--Jada Mae Langloss, long time homeless activist and candidate for U.S. President, Mayor, Sheriff, etc., died last week. Come share your memories. Goose Hollow, 1927 SW Jefferson, 3 pm

FRIDAY, October 22

POH--The Portland Oregon Hip-Hop Festival (POH-HOP to kids in the know) presents "Politics as Usual." Ash St. Saloon, 225 SW Ash, 8 pm, $10 ($15 for both nights)

SATURDAY, October 23

HOP--Round two of POH-HOP's showcase of the best and brightest in local hip-hop. Berbati's, 231 SW Ankeny, 8 pm, $10 Join Tom Potter for a "rap" session at POH-HOP's forum on activism and the 2004 election. Boys & Girls Club, 5250 NE MLK, 5 pm, free

SWING THOSE VOTES--Get off the fence and on the dance floor at Swing's "Vote Harder" party, featuring celebrity guests and a very un-PC wet T-shirt contest. Bossanova, 722 E Burnside, 10 pm, free.

DOG GONNIT--This candidate has really gone to the dogs! Council candidate Sam Adams leads a dog walk and rally in which dog owners dress up their pooch in casual or formal wear to wag their tail for democracy! Walk begins at SW Park Blocks between Main and Madison, 1 pm

SUNDAY, October 24

DON'T VOTE ALONE--Oregon Democrats host a one-hour rally followed by a six-block march to the post office to send in those ballots. Parking lot of the Ecotrust Bldg, 721 NW 9th, 1 pm

WEDNESDAY, October 27

GRUDGE MATCH--Find out which party boasts more little grey cells at BarFly's Dysfunctional Family Feud--a pre-election smackdown between Dems and Repubs. Dante's, 1 SW 3rd, 6-8 pm, free