The Mercury is pleased to say "hip-hip-hooray for the Gays!" with our second annual Queer Issue. And to mark this auspicious occasion, we're tipping our hats to that unsung hero of queer culture, "the gay outsider." While much of America has become pals with the gays, thanks to breeder-friendly RuPaul and shows like Will and Grace, there are still those that even the gay community thinks are kinda weird. This issue features articles that spotlight a few of these sub-groups, including: The historical significance of Native American queers, the heartbreak and ultimate success of a gay sci-fi fan, how transgendered people are getting the shaft by the queer community, and an interview with perhaps the ultimate outsider--a gay nude person. Happy Gay Pride week to everyone from the Mercury, because as far as we're concerned, "You're here, you're queer, and you're OH, so dear."