By Katie Shimer

2003 was a great year for clever phrases, tongue twisters, and double entendres. But considering I don't even know what a double entendre is, we'll have to settle for some of the okay phrases I can still remember, and save the great ones for another time.

#38. Sean Tejaratchi: "Spare me the labor pains--just show me the baby."

#37. Seen on Friendster: "He's all up in my Kool-Aid, and he don't even know the flavor."

#36. Geico commercial: "I've got good news. I just saved a whole bunch of money on my car insurance."

#35. Ezra Ace Caraeff to Katie Shimer via email: "Eat fuck and die."

#34. Ludacris: "Is that your wife, your girlfriend or just your main bitch? You take a pick, while I'm rubbin' the hips, touchin' lips to the top of [my] dick."

#33. Manu Berelli: "Women are like robots. If you can't teach them to love, you better run away, because eventually they'll try and kill you."

#32. Joe Faustin Kelly: "Pardon my driving, I'm fingering your wife."

#31. Marjorie Skinner: "We're going to be in a meeting for a few minutes. Why don't you go ahead and take a nap in the rape room?"

#30. Rob "Lethrob": "It's kind of short, but it's really skinny."

#29. Manu (again): "Dumb girls don't get no smarter. Hard hearts just get harder."

#28. Ace of Hearts advertisement: "Don't miss this outrageous gang bang/orgy! Fully catered giant buffet."