Sunlan Lighting (3901 N Mississippi) A store with only light bulbs may not sound so weird. But when you enter Kay Newell's store, you realize you've entered her realm. From her mighty throne behind the counter she can guide you by voice to the exact light bulb you need. I think she's psychic.

Paragon Club (Karaoke Room, 815 N Killingsworth) On three separate occasions in the last five years I have observed leather daddies making out to Snowbird, someone being threatened by a gun, and the reliable talents of old "Winky," who sings "Blueberry Hill" nightly. Pure David Lynch, each and every time.

Penny Market (2001 SE Stark) If the hand-painted signs out front aren't notice enough that this place has major kooky-boots, just step inside sometime. Sometimes the lights aren't on all the way, sometimes the owner is sleeping at the counter, sometimes... no one is there at all!

Jo-Ann Fabric (Basement, 1928 NE 42nd Ave) It looks like it was organized by methed-out three-year-olds--plus the low ceilings make you feel like you'll be entombed forever in this overflowing dyslexic cornucopia of fabrics. MLS